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This is a living, breathing page full of resources that will help develop you into the most excellent member of our #Baonanas Fam. We want the dreamers, the go-getters, the imperfect hungry for ways to improve. We are all amateurs in certain areas and experts in others. The following curriculum will guide you on your journey with #Baonanas and whatever comes next for you.


1. Our Baoginning. Our mission. our culture. (week 1)

Learning about each other's personal goals, missions, and aspirations is an important part of being a member of Team #Baonanas. Begin by learning about ours and what it means to be a part of our journey to us. You'll also dive deeper into what you find as your "I made it" lifestyle, and how your time with us, no matter how short or long, can help you along your journey. Invest ONE HOUR to complete this section.

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2. Required reading (Weeks 1-4)

I expect for you to read/audiobook the following resources right away. Follow the steps below to begin your growth with us immediately. 

1. Schedule a due date with me to discuss the resource
2. Go to audible.com, sign up for a free trial, set a reminder on your phone to cancel a day before the free trial ends. or INVEST in the actual book! 
3. On or before the due date, schedule a 10-15 minute chat with me.
4. Begin the next resource


official protocols to literally everything

Here is everything you will do at #Baonanas broken down to the T for accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. At your in-person training day we will go through the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure). It's easy to try and freestyle while in the kitchen or at markets, but after hours of trial and error and discussing things with our team, these are the best practices and the only practices we will implement here at #Baonanas. Don't freak out! We will go over these on training day and in your first month(s) with us. It'll all feel like second nature in due time. Below is a place for you to access the SOPs in case you're in the kitchen and need help. Notify me of any issues immediately. The following SOPs are subject to change as we continue to grow and improve our systems. 

Holy Grail of Production
Opening Procedures
Closing Procedures
Down-Time Tasks

Jersey City: Verbal Exchange
Smorgasburg: Verbal Exchange

Tabletop: Market Checklist
Cart: Market Checklist
Waffle Bowl Suggestion

Setting up for Markets (Cart)
Setting up for Markets (Tabletop)

Setting up for Markets (No Rush)

Optimal Market Performance (Cart)
Optimal Market Performance (Tabletop)