(featured in) 16 of the most delicious things you can eat at Smorgasburg, New York City’s massive open-air food market
— BusinessInsider.com
(Smorgasburg foods) worth seeking out this weekend: the Espresso Banana Pudding at #Baonanas
— Gothamist.com
The strawberry-banana is especially delicious, with chunks of bright sweet berries cutting through the luscious custard.
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S’mores banana pudding, ‘nuff said... You’ve never had banana pudding like this before.
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from new members of #BaonanaNation!

The hype is real. #Baonanas is the best new dessert on the street fair scene.
— @anicaisafoodie
When you realize that this “Baonana” (sic) stuff ain’t just hype. Mango banana pudding, I’m never going to [...] again.
— @cigare_amore
Jersey, you were so sweet and made me cry and also baonanas is the best tasting thing.
— Megan Batoon (dance/youtube celebrity)
The Rose Lychee was like a floral strawberry shortcake, the matcha made nonbelievers buy in, the s’mores almost captured toasty-ness, and the OG was a classic rendition.
— Harry H.
I am no longer a skeptic. I thought I’d be loyal to [...] ‘s banana pudding for life. Follow @baonanas and try for yourself!
— @thefreepeople
i found authentic, southern banana pudding in Jersey City, y’all!!
— @tawnymlara
Words cannot even begin to describe how delicious their product is. The fluffy parts are fluffy and devastatingly tasty and cookie portion is just a wonderful textural compliment. I cannot say enough good things.
— Laura G.
Hands down, the best #BananaPudding I’ve ever had.. (Sorry, [...]’s)
— @eatcookeatrepeat
Only an hour at home and my family demolished it!! They absolutely loved it!! Can’t wait to bring it to Arizona for the rest of my family...will make another order for New Year’s...again my family loved it and I do too! Thank you for inventing this treat!
— @_airry
guys OMG! if you know me you know my favourite thing in the world is banana pudding and when i stumbled across this cookies and cream banana pudding from #Baonanas my life is now complete. thank you!
— @feedthedancer