#Baonanas? How-nanas?

GASP, you didn't know those words rhymed?! Now that you've learned how to say it, let's dive deeper! #Baonanas is a hashtag, a company, a dessert. But most of all, it’s a feeling. A complex and meaningful one that you invest into the the people, hobbies, activities (like eating), and experiences that bring pure joy into your life.

At #Baonanas, we believe in everyone who has ever pursued their passions and we support you in all your endeavors. People might call you crazy when they hear about the choices you might’ve made or why you love what you love, but you’re just baonanas. Being baonanas means being unique, embracing your inner calling, and smiling through the ups and downs of your own adventures. Amongst all the negative thoughts and nay-sayers, you’ve managed to put that aside and focus on getting closer to your goals day in and day out. You’re motivated, driven, and though some days may not be perfect, you find solace knowing you’re one step closer to materializing your dreams. Baonanas is a feeling found in the things we cherish most. We ask you ponder, what are you baonanas for? Maybe it's:

  • watching netflix and chilling with your spouse after a long week

  • crushing a WOD or PR at the gym

  • finishing up a chapter in the book you’re writing

  • teaching your son or daughter a new life lesson

  • kicking ass on a project at work

  • graduating with your bachelor's degree by May

  • grueling hikes with a beautiful view at the end

  • earning your blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (okay, that's one of mine)

We’d love to hear what you’re baonanas for, who you’re baonanas for, and how you keep pushing. This is what #Baonanas is about, this is what keeps us going, and this is why we’ll always do our best to reward your efforts with the fluffiest most unique dessert found in the area! 

Take a quick moment and share what you're baonanas for below!
 Why are you baonanas for that?
Favorite parts along the journey?

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