Credit: @dirtyyydan on Instagram

Credit: @dirtyyydan on Instagram

Writer's Notes: They say, "Love yourself before you love others." I couldn't agree more with the saying. One can't really present the best version of themselves unless they learn to love their own being.

This week, we feature Lynn Kim Do, a lifestyle blogger who is #Baonanas at the thought of loving oneself. Read her story below on how she came to loving herself more and how that got to where she is now!

Lynn! What do you think you're #Baonanas for?

L: I think I'm passionate about myself and I think that everyone should be. I feel like I wanna reach the point where I love everyone like I love myself!

I realize I was really passionate about like myself when my boyfriend [said], "I know your passion. Your passionate about yourself." And I'm like, "What's that mean?" He was like, "You always wanna be a better person. You're always trying to help everyone and your just constantly trying to find the answers to questions about the world" and I guess that's it!

When and what triggered you to realize that you were so passionate about self-love?

L: Probably a year ago? Beyond that, I think that being passionate about yourself means that you feel like you have the power to do something.

I think a year ago, I was like, "Oh. Should I join a non-profit group? How am I supposed to contribute this world?! Am I gonna find the cure the cancer?" I don't know God's plans but I can just figure it out as I go along. But I knew, whatever it was, I'm gonna be so ready, so confident about myself.

I feel like every year's really different for me. I think when I moved to New York I had to really be open to like finding who I am even more.

Are you finding the balance on finding yourself and making yourself to be the better person you want to be now?

L: I recently had to think about that. I was like, "How can I work on myself, work and satisfy the world - being a girlfriend, a best friend, a daughter, sister and all that?" I don’t make a very conscious decision to stop seeing the same people and you know? This is adulting. 

I just name more conscious decisions to spend time with certain people because I didn't have time anymore. I used to have so many friends and try so hard to be everyone's best friend and then that was exhausting and also I was really unhappy because I didn't get the same reaction back I felt like the value was so different for everyone.

So then I start using more time to myself, creating and working and I realized those friends understood. I think the best balance is when you do what you need to do by being the best person you are, do your work, do what you wanna do, and the right people will be there.

How and when do you plan to achieve that goal of being a better you?

L: I wanna say the moment where I can change someone's life or a big group of people and really be able to have an influence on something will be it.

People comment or message me and be like "I love what you’re doing" like [...] I didn’t even know people were reading my sh*t! I just thought that [having] my friends supporting me whenever became a clear indication to why I'm doing what I'm doing. But will I ever know if I made it? Probably not. I hope I know! And maybe you can tell me when I get there!

Is there a quote or a motto that you keep to yourself, what keeps you motivated?

So I was a senior at Rutgers and I took this class called Psychology of Art. This professor... It was better than therapy. He would jump to the piano and say, "YOU ARE THE BEST!" and start singing, "You are the greatest!" [...] He was like, "You are my teacher. I am your student." He believed in us more than we believed in us. And I think people should believe in themselves way more, you know? [...] Every time an audition or a meeting with a really big company came up, I would watch this video of him.

Last question, what's your favorite #Baonanas flavor?

I've only had the OG! So OG!

To learn more and connect with Lynn, check her out on her blog, Neckbreakin' Style and Instagram